Sunday, January 24, 2010

More work on Jabba

Work is continuing on Jabba.

First, during completion of the cStats class for analysing game databases, I ran a test on 900,000 games to make sure Jabba could process every move, as a way to test the pgn parsing -> namely the SAN conversion functions. I found quite a few bugs, which has caused some changes in the bookmaking code.

The bookmaking code has also been refined, collecting win percentages for white and black, and various other move statistics.

I'll be a able to build what should be a much stronger book now, mainly due to the fact that I'm using 300,000 machine room games for it! :)

Other work includes the evaluation. Psqt's have been replaced, bishop mobility added, and opposite side castling psqt have also been added. I've also added quite a bit of endgame knowledge, from various chess books I have, regarding special drawn / won positions for KPvsK, BvsP, NvsP, RvsP and a few others. Unfortunately, I got rather carried away with writing them and not testing them, and there are many many bugs which will take a few weeks to iron out!

Then, I need to test each feature through the STS suite, to see how the changes have helped, if at all....

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