Sunday, January 17, 2010

Working on Jabba

I'm working quite hard on Jabba's eval. The released version has almost no eval.

For tuning, I'm using the STS suite, rather than games.

I've finished writing a new class, called cStatmake, which analysis and produces statistics from game databases.

So far, I've collected material balance stats, using a database of 1 million Playchess engine room games. I have then used regression in MS Excel to obtain values for BPair by no. of pawns and majors, for BvsN and for the exchange.

Since then, the piecce square tables have all been replaced, bishop mobility has been added, and knight support points. Next step is to add some endgame knowledge, and to use the database to assess passed pawn values.

Once the STS suite score is improved by a good margin, I'll look at adding SEE to prune captures in Q Search, which should bring a nice speed up.

The aim is to have something ready for the CPT 2010, in March.

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