Sunday, January 24, 2010

New Tournaments & Results

Jabba has finished it's tournament "Battle of the forgotten", finishing in a respectable 3rd place, although in a weak field.

Jabba has also (Very kindly from the director) been included in the 17th Edition of WBEC tournament, where Jabba is playing in the 5th Division Group C. I'm not expecting Jabba to qualify for promotion - Lime only just managed that, and Jabba is 200 elo weaker, at least. But, it will give me the first set of long time control games to analyse.

Another tournament has finished, HG Mueller's Knightmate Challenge, where Jabba, under time odds, managed 5th from 11.

The tournament also demonstrated a problem with the plain Alpha-Beta search... Jabba saw a win, involving promotion, in one game, but never actually pushed for the winning line, just holding the promotion in the pv until it was too late, and the game was drawn by 50 move rule. See the above link also for the game!

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